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 Post subject: Star Citizen
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:05 am 
Renegade Heroes
Renegade Heroes

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Been watching this for a little while now and was curious if anyone else here has noticed it, if not then here is the link to the official website.

From everything I have read about the game, it gives me the feeling of a fast-paced, less work, one time pay, version of EVE online, and I'll try and sum up the big points that drew me in, now the game is still alpha maybe early beta, so all of this is just their current plans.

First off, the game doesn't have a class system at least not in your typical MMO sense, you start off and you have choices, military career, merchant, pirate, miner, explorer, or you can even just go out and do your own thing.

The guy who started this is the same guy who made Wing Commander and a few other Space sims, so Star Citizen has a solo side as well as an MMO side, it has a single player campaign which basically is the military career, but it allows you to learn the game, make some in-game money and gain citizenship, which is important to the game (hence the name) and once your done with the campaign you bring your character and all of it's money/loot/ship/citizenship into the MMO side of the game.

However the game doesn't force you to play through the campaign if you don't want to, you can create your character, find a ship and go explore the universe, but there will be downsides (as always) for instance you don't have citizenship, and the game's overall civilization is a futuristic version of the roman empire, the devs put the citizenship in to create a conflict between various groups of players, as far as I know the devs haven't said how else it effects the game besides creating conflict and a sense of a growing civilization.

The most interesting things that got my attention was the boarding actions and the death system.

The boarding action is supposed to work just like you suspect it would, you find a way to land on-board an enemy vessel, and fight to take the ship, now they haven't really said anything about it besides that, but the idea of actually have a boarding action in an MMO space sim interests me.

As for the death system they went into great detail with it so I'll keep this as short as possible, no more immortality, your character can be "killed" three to four times before perma-death (now before some of you start grumbling about it let me explain) when you create your character your signing up for the military, you sign your char name, and then your beneficiary's name (your next character) your char is then created and you can opt out of the military(solo campaign) and go straight into the MMO aspect of the game.

Now the way the death system works is your char doesn't actually die for the first three to four times do the advanced medical tech in the game, you just get scars per defeat, but the immersion factor is that your character can only be brought back only so many times because it puts an extreme strain on the brain after each defeat and eventually you die, the game goes to a cut scene of your funeral, your beneficiary is there, you get a gravestone with char name and all the achievements you did with that char, after the cut scene though you get to assume control of the beneficiary, make them how you want them to look, and then go on to collect your previous character's items,ships, citizenship(if you have one) and their job, or you can go off and do something else if you want.

Now I have been using MMO to describe it because its easier and cause the devs don't have a name for it yet, but the reason they don't consider it an MMO is because it has a single player aspect, has private server and modding support.

Overall this game looks like it will be a lot of fun, especially with friends, wondering what you guys think about it though.

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